Asia Cup History Cricket

The History of Asia Cup In Cricket

The Asia Cup is a cup that only Asian countries can participate in. Since the Asian Cricket Council was established in 1983, it has been organized every two years. The Asia Cup is an important cricket tournament among Asian countries. The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has been formed to enhance relations between Asian countries around the world. The first Asia Cup was held in 1984 in the United Arab Emirates. 

Asia Cup History Cricket
Asia Cup History Cricket

Why the Asia Cup is boycotted

In 1984, India boycotted the Asia Cup. Pakistan boycotted the Asia Cup in 1990 and 1991 because of Pakistan’s poor political relations with India. The Asia Cup was canceled again in 1993 due to India, Pakistan’s political tensions. Then in 2008, the Asian Cricket Council took on the Decision to hold the Asia Cup two years later. India seven times, Sri Lanka have won the Asia Cup five times, And Pakistan won 2 Times. Bangladesh has not been able to win the Asia Cup so far, but they played the final match against Pakistan in 2012. 

Most Participant team in the Asia Cup: Sri Lanka participates in the Asia Cup the most, they played fourteen Asia Cups and India and Pakistan participated in 13 Asia Cups respectively.

Most winner team in the Asia Cup: India is the only successful team in the Asia Cup who won the Asia Cup seven times. Sri Lanka is the second most successful team with five titles.

Asia Cup Winner Team and Asia Cup Past Winners List

Asia Cup winners list:

YearFormatWinner Team
2014ODISri Lanka
2008ODISri Lanka
2004ODISri Lanka
1997ODISri Lanka
1986ODISri Lanka
Asia Cup winners list

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