Evaluating and Choosing the Best Youth Soccer Coach for your Child

Evaluating and Choosing the Best Youth Soccer Coach

When it comes to Youth Soccer sports, people tend to think about talent and performance evaluation. It is also about the evaluation of a player by a coach.

Who is a youth soccer coach?

A youth soccer coach is a person who has a great deal of impact on a soccer player (positive or negative). He makes crucial decisions on playing time a child gets, the position they will play if they can make a team. The behavior of a coach towards a child can have a significant impact on a child’s confidence.

Evaluating and Choosing the Best Youth Soccer Coach
Evaluating and Choosing the Best Youth Soccer Coach

Most parents decide on what teams their child will try out for. However, ultimately, it is the Soccer clubs or Youth Soccer Academy that select the coaches for their teams. Hence, parents and soccer clubs/academies together decide on coaching the kids. Since a lot is in a single person’s hand, it makes great sense that parents and clubs get more careful when choosing one.

It is important to check their credentials, experience, nature, and if they are a good fit for layers. If you as a parent find something wrong or feel the coach does not stand up to your expectations, it is time to seek a replacement or research for a better coach. Look for one who can do better for your child.

Only a licensed and/or trained coach should not be the major criteria for making a final decision. Some of the guidelines for coaching youth soccer include the following:

Certain clubs require demand state certification or licensing of their coaches before appointing them. Further education should be pursued while coaching licensing for producing quality coaches. There are also several lower level licensed coaches these days who do not have anything to do with “coaching” soccer.

There are a number of things you should look for in youth soccer coaches. You need to look for some traits such as competitive spirit, compassion, positivity, acceptable behavior, philosophy and even a special coaching approach that must be followed by the coach.


You can research online and get to know about the best soccer players in and around your region. Know how they have been training their teams. Look for positive reviews by parents of other players. This will help you know about the credibility of the coaches and decide on one for your child.

The Basic Goals of a Youth Coach

Teaches Soccer

A good coach will always focus on imparting knowledge to players regardless of their skill level, age, or goal. This coach must also be capable of teaching skills.  Most reputed coaches will help develop skills among players such as decision making, age appropriate tactics, introducing right concepts etc.

Builds Self Esteem

Self-esteem and confidence can go a very long way in the development of a soccer player’s success. Confidence enables a child and a future soccer player to be successful on the field. A good soccer coach will work keeping this in mind while interacting with players.

Keep them Looking for more

A good soccer coach will never let his players satisfied with their performance. In fact, he will encourage them to keep improving their skills. This will help them strive for being better players. A soccer player should always look forward to upgrading their skills, learn something new and keep trying new tricks. Most successful players across the globe never stop learning. This is how they have success and fame.

In a Nutshell Keeping in mind, the above-listed tips and instructions will help you get a better and helpful soccer coach for your child.

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Underwater Football

Underwater football is a game between two teams. It usually played in the water. The appropriate place to play this game is a swimming pool. The same elements are used to play underwater hockey and underwater ruby, just as the equipment is used to play underwater football. Swimming pools, such as snorkelling equipment (masks, snorkel, and birds) are played in the pool. The ball is placed on the gutter by the scoring pool and placed on its own. A toy in the change is used as a rubber torpedo ball, and down the buckets to serve as rest and goal.

Underwater Football

Underwater football discovered by the Scuba Trainer before the 1960s. In the 1960s, Dave Murdoch, a scuba diving instructor, was taught at the Manitoba’s Frank Kennedy Centre, under which water soccer was developed. Dave Murdoch In the 1960s, at the Manitoba’s Frank Kennedy Centre, it was discovered in the field of education by a scuba diving instructor, and under which the water was developed.   

Like traditional football games, players of each team have to give the ball to the rivals by giving their own players the goal. Each team has 13 players, but at the same time, five players are in the court. The team that has scored the highest score, in the end, will win the team.

The court should have a playground of 10 meters deep, 15 meters long and 4 meters deep. In contrast to football, the match is two half, 20 minutes each half, and half-time of 5 minutes.

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Football Shoulder Pad Choosing The Perfect Shoulder Pad For Yourself

Football Shoulder Pad

How To Choose Your Football Shoulder Pad

Just like any other sports equipment, a football shoulder pad is of different types, and it requires a personalized approach when you try and choose one for yourself. If you are a player who consults the best football gloves reviews before choosing your football gloves and also ventures online when choosing the Best Knee Compression Sleeves, you should also do the same when choosing a shoulder pad for yourself. Choosing a shoulder pad is not an easy process and it involves many factors which require an intricate detail to attention. Thankfully, here we have made a guide for you which will help you choose the best football shoulder pad for yourself-

Football Shoulder Pad
Football Shoulder Pad

Parts of a Shoulder Pad

For choosing the perfect shoulder pad for yourself, it is important that you understand the different parts of a shoulder pad, and know the functions of each and every part. Things about the shoulder pad such as the size, brand, and position will all depend on your needs. Here are some details about the different parts of a shoulder pad-

•Rivet-Keeps all the parts of the pad intact.

•Neck-The part which fits the whole pad from your head.

•Epaulet-An extended piece which provides additional protection.

•Cup-The hanging part from the shoulder.

•Cushion-Provides inner padding.

•Bias-Provides additional padding.

•Belt-Wraps the pad around the body.

While going through the best football gloves reviews or while choosing your best knee compression sleeves, you will find that each of these accessories varies with the position a player plays on. The same is applicable on shoulder pads. Below is a position wise guide which will help you choose the perfect shoulder pad for yourself-

1. Pads for a Quarterback

A quarterback is a player which needs to be fit, fast and agile so that he can move fast and score a touchdown for his team. His shoulder pads need to be lightweight and should not have any excess auxiliary weight on them. The shoulder pads of a quarterback also need to be flexible in their building, plus they need to come with an inner cushioning so that the pad doesn’t hamper any agile movement with its rough and tough design.

2. Pads for a Defensive Back

A running back or a defensive back is a position which runs a lot, and there too from the midst of a lot of players. This position means that a defensive back needs to have a shoulder pad which has to be similar to the shoulder pad of a quarterback- lightweight, no extra auxiliary and flexible. One addition that their pad requires is that the shoulder pad needs to be sturdy from the outside so that it can withstand the force of all the players who tackle the concerned running back. However, that should not hinder the movement of the player.

3. Pads for a Fullback

It is a position which is all about the defense. A fullback is the last line of defense of a team, and this position requires a shoulder pad which is extremely tough and secure, and the material from which it is made must be such that it ensures fast movement of the players. The shoulder pads of a fullback must carry more weight than the pads of a quarterback or a defensive back, but it still must be lightweight so that the player can move quickly.

4. Pads for a Linesman

In the game of football, even a linesman requires a physical protection. The toughness of the game can sometimes even result in an injurious incident which might involve the linesman. Just like a player who reads best football gloves reviews and looks for the best knee compression sleeves, a linesman also needs a perfect shoulder pad for himself. For this, he needs an extremely tough shoulder pad which streamlines the sideward movement of their bodies. It must be so tough that it can stand out even the toughest of hits and collisions, yet it must be lightweight so that the linesman doesn’t fatigue himself because of extra weight.

Conclusion While one must remember the above factors which are position specific, a player should also take into consideration other factors such as their body size and the brand of the pad. They might not be as important as the positional requirements of a player, but they must not be ignored while choosing a football shoulder pad. And also keep in mind that while choosing any shoulder pad you should not think about other products of that particular sport like a ball, helmet, football shoes or gym shoes for men etc. happy sports buying. 


FIFA World Cup Winners List All-Time Winners List

FIFA World Cup Winners

FIFA World Cup Winners List All-Time Winners List

To know about FIFA World Cup Winners List. The first-ever FIFA world cup championship was held back in 1930. Since then, we were able to see a large number of winners emerging from different parts of the world. If you are a football lover, you must be interested in getting to know about these winners. Hence, keep on reading and you will be able to gather the details that you are willing to know.

As mentioned earlier, the first FIFA World Cup was held back in 1930 at Uruguay. Since then, the world cup is being organized once every four years. However, the FIFA world cup didn’t happen throughout the World War II. The teams who come into the FIFA World Cup tournament are selected through qualifying rounds. All countries that play football will be able to take part in these qualifying rounds. However, only the best set of countries will be provided with the opportunity to come forward and play in the world cup.

The FIFA World Cup that was awarded to the winders in between 1930 and 1970 was named as the Julet Rimet Trophy. Back in 1970, this cup was awarded to Brazil permanently. By that time, they had won the FIFA world cup for three different times. After 1970, the FIFA World Cup trophy was awarded to the winners.

FIFA World Cup Winners
Fifa World Cup Winners

Below mentioned is a list of FIFA world cup winners by year. By going through the list, you will be able to get a clear understanding on what countries have won the world cup for most of the time and what countries have not been able to make it to the finals and win the trophy.












West Germany










West Germany








West Germany















Now you have a clear understanding of the FIFA world cup winners. With that in mind, let’s explore few more interesting facts about the FIFA World Cup.

Football can be considered the most popular sport that you can find among people out there in the world. People in every corner of the world have fallen in love with this sport. Even though most of us love FIFA, there are few facts, which we aren’t aware of the sport. Here is a list of some of the lesser-known facts about FIFA. These facts would obviously blow your mind.

1. Players aren’t allowed to have sex during tournaments

During the FIFA tournaments, all players are strongly encouraged not to take part in sex. If they get caught, they will have to experience several punishments, such as fines and bans from upcoming matches. The managers strictly monitor their players throughout the tournaments in order to see whether they break these restrictions or not.

2. About 50% of people watch FIFA world cup

FIFA is so popular that around 50% of the world population watches the games. This fact has been verified by a study that was conducted during the 2010 football world cup. Therefore, the FIFA World Cup can be considered the most widely watched sporting event.

3. Millions of beer cans are sold during FIFA tournaments

Most of the FIFA fans prefer to enjoy their favorite games along with a can of beer. Therefore, the sale of beer cans has reached record-breaking values. From a study that was conducted alongside the 2010 FIFA world cup, it was identified that over 750,000 liters of beer have been consumed by fans at stadiums.

4. 2014 FIFA World Cup is the most expensive

Host countries spend billions of dollars in order to host the FIFA World Cups. Out of FIFA World Cups that are held so far, the 2014 FIFA World Cup can be considered as the most expensive one. More than $15 billion dollars has been spent for hosting this world cup.

5. Two teams have won about 50% of FIFA World Cups

Out of the World Cup events held so far, two teams have been able to win about 50%. These two teams are none other than Italy and Brazil. In fact, these two countries have combined wins of 9 World Cups each. They account for up to 47% of the FIFA World Cups that have been organized in the past.

6. FIFA rankings change so fast

Even though some teams dominate the game, overall FIFA rankings change at a faster pace. If you keep on looking at FIFA rankings on a country basis for some time, you will be able to figure out how they are changing.

7. The fastest goal was scored in FIFA

As per the records, the fastest goal in a FIFA world cup has been achieved in just 11 seconds. This incident took place in 2002. Hakan Sukur from Turkey is the player who was able to perform this amazing record.

8. FIFA is based on three mission statements

FIFA is the short term that is being used for Federation Internationale de Football. This organization is based on three different mission statements. They focus on caring about the society, organizing inspiring football tournaments and developing football game in every corner of the world. The organization is slowly achieving that goal along with time.

9. Most goals in a single match

In 1994, a Russian FIFA player was able to score five goals in just a single match. He is one of the most talented players produced by Russia, named Oleg Salenko. With the help of these five goals, he was able to take his team to a victory of 6 to 1.



South Carolina Football The University of South Carolina Gamecock

South Carolina Football

South Carolina Football The University of South Carolina Gamecock

In America, the American Football is the popular sport. South Carolina is a state of America. Here the University of South Carolina organized their domestic football team named “South Carolina Football”. It started its journey in 1892. This football team was also known as South Carolina Gamecocks Football.

This Gamecocks football program only represents the University of South Carolina in the sport of American football. The (NCAA) National Collegiate Athletic Association, it’s one of the Subdivision is Football Bowl. They compete with the Football Bowl and the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference.

Till now, Will Muschamp serves this team as the last head coach of Carolina Football. Williams-Brice Stadium is the 20th largest stadium in college football. The South Carolina Gamecocks football play their home games at this large stage.

South Carolina Football
South Carolina Football

The beginning of The South Carolina Football

In 1892, for Christmas Eve occasion, Carolina football fielded their first football team, in Charleston, ‘South Carolina versus Furman’. Later, they compete with many other teams popularly. At that time, they were not authorized by the University of South Carolina. They contributed their own uniforms and train fare personally in order to participate game. At the very beginning, they were nicknamed the “College Boys” and their supporters wore garnet and black.


Since 1969, SC’s helmet designed with a fighting gamecock, no regard of color. That’s why this football called Gamecock football. This bird includes metal spurs, that is usually featured in a Block C and it also displayed by itself. Helmets in color of white with garnet and black trim and Gamecock logo with or without the block C. Garnet with white and black trim with Gamecock Block C logo. Then black garnet and white trim with Gamecock Block C logo. In 2015 they unveiled some Block C logos with a chrome finish and a White helmet with an oversize tail end of the Gamecock logo in Chrome Garnet.


Carolina football wore a special uniform in the 2009 season, against Florida supported by the Wounded Warrior Project. They repeated this same uniform both in the 2011 season against Auburn, and during the 2012 season against LSU.
In 2013, during the new season, Under Armour made new uniforms for the Carolina football team. The changes in only one place, stripes on the front of the shoulders were moved to the top of the shoulder. On the university campus, there is 11 number of buildings as the national historic landmark like The Horseshoe. The uniform of this football contains 11 total stripes as like as the same as the building.

Head Coaches of Carolina Football from 1896 to 2016

The South Caroline Gamecocks Football had no formal Head coach from 1892 to 1896. But later they appointed the captain of a team and achieved many successes. Here’s the name of those recruited coaches;

Great Achievements

  • Again in 2012, they achieved “Back-to-Back” 11-Win Seasons” award under the direction of Coach Spurrier.
  • Coach Spurrier worked his magic once again during the 2013 season. This time South Caroline Gamecocks got for third time their consecutive eleven-win season. They got again “Three consecutive” 11-Win Seasons award.
  • In 1933, during the time of Billy Laval, the Gamecocks went undefeated in the Southern Conference record by one win and was awarded the championship
  • In 1969, the Gamecocks football won the ACC Championship by going undefeated in conference play against West Virginia.
  • In 1984, the time of Coach Morrison direction, South Carolina Gamecocks became the first team in school history to win 10 games. In case of glorious history, they named as “Black Magic”.
  • In 2010, South Carolina won their first SEC Eastern Division Championship.
  • In 2011, got “First 11-Win Season” award. That time Coach Spurrier led the Caroline football. Gamecocks achieved its most wins in a single season and finished in the Top 10 for the first time in program history.