Cleveland Browns are The NFL Football Team

Cleveland Browns are The NFL Football Team

Whether you are into sports or not, football is a cult classic that people follow due to hype regardless of interest. When we speak of the American pop culture, undoubtedly one of the first aspects that strike our mind is the NFL, National Football League. Any person who is not even into sports will tag along with their mates inside a gastropub during Super Bowl season. Or some may even enjoy a get together with a group of friends while munching on a scrumptious bowl of saucy chicken wings. This sport has impacted the lives of generations of Americans. The Sunday evening of Super Bowls has become a crucial part of American culture as Football is one of their prominent sports. In the era of American football culture is a team worth mentioning, The Cleveland Browns! A lot of you may have heard about their loyal fan base across the United States. This football team based in Cleveland, Ohio has been playing as a professional sports team for 66 seasons in the National Football League.

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns

How Do You Recognize The Cleveland Browns?

You may ask, how do I spot the browns? What is distinct about their outfit? The Cleveland Browns can be distinguished due to their orange helmets with no logo! They have emphasized that their logo is the logoless helmets. Original, isn’t it? Even though their helmet has gone through significant changes throughout the years, the orange remains a signature remark. Their jerseys are a shade of dark brown which is mainly identified as the ‘seal brown’. Their sleeves have a striped pattern of orange and white. The pants are the same shade of brown with stripped sequence from knees and under

How The Cleveland Browns Rose To Prominence?

The official home of the Cleveland Browns is the FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio, established in 1999. The Browns have overall won four NFL championships. One of them being in the first season they entered NFL and others during 1954, 1955, and 1964. Overall, the Cleveland Browns have eight championships, four in the All-American Football Conference and the rest in the NFL.

Even though they have achieved great success in the past, in the recent years they have reportedly underperformed. The FirstEnergy Stadium commonly referred to as the “Factory of Sadness” by comedian Mike Polk. A team that was once an American favorite is now very little talked about. The past two years has been the worst record for Cleveland Browns.

Brown’s Remarkable Fan Base

Even though the Cleveland Browns have been going through their roughest time and has not seen much the light of success after the 1980s, they sure have a fan base worth talking about. Out of all the football teams, Cleveland Browns have the most loyal fan base according to statistics. Even during their harsh times when they had records of losing, the fans could not resist filling up the seats during their games. Whether they win or lose, they surely attract their fans to not miss attendance!
During the game, you can spot the hardcore fans of Cleveland Browns at the Dawg Pound

The section at their home stadium. There are organizations of Browns fans and one of the prime ones is the Browns Backers. Some celebrity fans include Elvis Presley, The Miz, Hank Aaron, and Machine Gun Kelly.

Rivalries And Noteworthy Players

Cleveland Browns did face a lot of challenge while facing against its rivals. There were wins and there were loses. But some players left a soft corner among their fans even to this day. Some of the rivals of the Browns are Pittsburg Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, and Buffalo Bills. In the past, the Browns have had some noteworthy players who have impacted the American Football. Jim Brown, Bernie Kosar, Low Groza, Bobby Mitchell are some of them just to name a few.

To some Americans, the Cleveland Browns may have become a forgotten team who is no longer in the limelight but to their fans, they are still champions. A bad recent record does not overshadow their significance in the history of American Football. The Americans will always cherish football and enjoy this cultural staple regardless of which team wins.


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