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Gear Up For A Major Adrenaline Rush With Equipment Of Hockey

Equipment Of Hockey is the most important for players to play the hockey game. Ever wonder how do hockey players gear up? Hockey is one of those sports where the players take all the mental preparation to break a few bones and yet still they stand strong. What is it so intriguing about this sport that the players do not even bother about injuries? I swear if I were in their place, I would’ve been a cripple by now. Hockey is an approved sport around the world, I mean no wonder. It is where two teams play opposing each other trying to plot a ball into the opponent’s goal post using a hockey stick. There are two types; the ice hockey and the usual field hockey. Hockey is one of the many sports that receive a large number of an audience during matches.*Sighs* If only I ever had the guts to participate in such a sport as the beastly players. Let’s take a look at how these players gear themselves up.

Equipment of Hockey: Field version

Field hockey is mainly famed in the United States. Let us walk you through the basic equipment you may need for some quick fun time.

Hockey Stickit is a stick composed of wood that has a head resembling a hook. The stick is around 30 to 40 inches depending on the player’s height. These sticks categorize into four types; short, midi, maxi, and J Hook. It is to maneuver the ball.

Hockey Stick

BallThis plastic ball is where game revolved around as it is the one responsible for scores of each team.

Hockey Ball

Shin GuardsThe shin guards are protective wear worn around the shins of each player because you do not want to be a cripple before 30.

Mouth GuardsWorn inside the mouth to protect yourself from losing your teeth, made of a rubbery material for firm protection around the gums and teeth.

Mouth Guards

HelmetIt is a regular helmet caged around the face to protect head and face from injuries.

Hockey Helmet

ShoesThis is a particular type of shoe designed for hockey is named cleats. These help to run freely with maximum comfort and minimum chances of tumbling over.

Jazba Mens Rattler Hockey Shoes

Chest protectorThe purpose of the chest protector is to protect the ribs. The players wear it inside their uniform.

Chest protector

PadsThe players wear the knee pads around the knees and limbs for protection around essential joints and bones.

Goalie’s equipmentThe goalie has another specific set of equipment to defend the ball from getting plotted inside the goal post. The goalie puts on large hand gloves to prevent the ball from entering the goal post. The goalie also has a different type of stick to hit the ball.

Equipment of Hockey: Ice Version

Wanna know how ice hockey beasts pull of this ravenous game under unbearable temperatures?
The ice hockey is the national sports of Canada The concept of ice hockey is similar to that of a

field and mainly includes all the equipment that is necessary for field hockey; except there are some additional instruments since ice hockey is played on an ice bed and requires extra skill.  The equipment is also constructed out of a different material than field hockey.

Ice SkatesIce skates are a type of footwear used to move on solid ice. But this isn’t a game where you can glide and twirl freely. It is in fact just the opposite.

Ice Skates

Shoulder and arm padThese mainly shield the upper body because during tumbles and falls. During ice hockey the body comes in rapid contact with solid ice, making it more dangerous than field hockey. Usually made from shock absorbing foam and wrapped in plastic.

Shoulder pad

Elbow padsthese guards the arms and elbows from fractures.

Elbow pads

Goaltender’s equipmentThe goaltender of ice hockey requires more protective layers of clothing due to extremely low temperatures and larger possibilities of injuries. Imagine standing still in that chilly temperature. Gotta cover yourself, right?
They wear an additional set of leg pads to protect their legs and to block the pucks. Their pants include extra layers as well. The goaltenders must have a blocker, on one hand, to block the pucks and rebound them on ice. On the other hand, the must put on a trapper which is made of thick leather. The trapper blocks the puck during quick shots. Nerve-wracking isn’t it? I guess the stress of the goalkeeper heats their body automatically.

Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro GFM 100 Goalie Mask

Whether you want to thoroughly understand hockey during matches or want to join a game of hockey with a bunch of friends, it isn’t it funny that you familiarize yourself with the equipment of hockey. There is so much to know but so little courage to play.

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