The Fastest Century In T20 International Cricket History

The Fastest Century In T20 International Cricket History

Now we let know who runs are scored very fast and record the Fastest Century In T20 international cricket. The Cricket is not a game enjoyed by as many people as football is. It comes second in popularity after football. There are only a few countries that play or watch cricket. India, Britain, Australia, Sri Lanka, The West Indies, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and a couple of other African countries are where cricket is played and enjoyed. Some of the other countries are also joining the game now.

But it is a game that is enjoyed by a lot of people in the countries that it is played in Cricket is also a huge money-spinner when it comes to salaries for players, commentators, umpires etc. It also makes a lot of money for the organizers by way of advertisements and broadcasting rights. The game’s latest format the T20 is attracting more viewers on TV because of the short duration and extreme thrill of the game.

Fastest Century In T20
Fastest Century In T20

History Of Cricket

The first references to cricket are in the year 1598. It had its origin in South-East England. There are many references to the game in the 18th century in which there was rampant gambling on the game. It was also during this period that the press started reporting about cricket games, mainly because the games were patronized by the rich aristocracy.

Cricket spread to many countries including the West Indies, India, and Australia during this period as English colonies started appearing in these countries. The game spread to other countries soon enough. Surprisingly the first international cricket match was played between The USA and Canada, two countries where the game never became popular.

Limitedover cricket which had only 50 overs for each side began in the year 1971. It was started as a game in between tests and to give the players some exercise. But this format of the game gained immense popularity over the years. People who didn’t have the time to watch 5 days of cricket were attracted to this shorter version. In 1975 the International Cricket Council, the governing body for international cricket, conducted the first Cricket World Cup in 1975.

The Twenty 20 Cricket

This is presently the shortest format of the game and is probably the most popular. Started in England in 2003 this game has one innings for each team consisting of 20 overs. The game has brought in new strategies and skills to the game. Players are trained specially for the game. The game is fast-paced and thrilling.

The first international match was played in 2007 in South Africa. India won the title in this match. Soon the Twenty 20 or T20 as it is popularly known became famous all over with leagues sprouting everywhere. The game has become a big money earner. More people watch the game on TV due to the short version and the thrill.

The runs are scored very fast. The record for the fastest century in T20 is held by two people. David Miller scored the first fastest century in October 2017 in South Africa scoring a hundred in just 35 balls. Two months later in December 2017, Rohit Sharma of India managed a century in the same number of balls. 


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