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Football Shoulder Pad Choosing The Perfect Shoulder Pad For Yourself

How To Choose Your Football Shoulder Pad

Just like any other sports equipment, a football shoulder pad is of different types, and it requires a personalized approach when you try and choose one for yourself. If you are a player who consults the best football gloves reviews before choosing your football gloves and also ventures online when choosing the Best Knee Compression Sleeves, you should also do the same when choosing a shoulder pad for yourself. Choosing a shoulder pad is not an easy process and it involves many factors which require an intricate detail to attention. Thankfully, here we have made a guide for you which will help you choose the best football shoulder pad for yourself-

Football Shoulder Pad

Parts of a Shoulder Pad

For choosing the perfect shoulder pad for yourself, it is important that you understand the different parts of a shoulder pad, and know the functions of each and every part. Things about the shoulder pad such as the size, brand, and position will all depend on your needs. Here are some details about the different parts of a shoulder pad-

•Rivet-Keeps all the parts of the pad intact.

•Neck-The part which fits the whole pad from your head.

•Epaulet-An extended piece which provides additional protection.

•Cup-The hanging part from the shoulder.

•Cushion-Provides inner padding.

•Bias-Provides additional padding.

•Belt-Wraps the pad around the body.

While going through the best football gloves reviews or while choosing your best knee compression sleeves, you will find that each of these accessories varies with the position a player plays on. The same is applicable on shoulder pads. Below is a position wise guide which will help you choose the perfect shoulder pad for yourself-

1. Pads for a Quarterback

A quarterback is a player which needs to be fit, fast and agile so that he can move fast and score a touchdown for his team. His shoulder pads need to be lightweight and should not have any excess auxiliary weight on them. The shoulder pads of a quarterback also need to be flexible in their building, plus they need to come with an inner cushioning so that the pad doesn’t hamper any agile movement with its rough and tough design.

2. Pads for a Defensive Back

A running back or a defensive back is a position which runs a lot, and there too from the midst of a lot of players. This position means that a defensive back needs to have a shoulder pad which has to be similar to the shoulder pad of a quarterback- lightweight, no extra auxiliary and flexible. One addition that their pad requires is that the shoulder pad needs to be sturdy from the outside so that it can withstand the force of all the players who tackle the concerned running back. However, that should not hinder the movement of the player.

3. Pads for a Fullback

It is a position which is all about the defense. A fullback is the last line of defense of a team, and this position requires a shoulder pad which is extremely tough and secure, and the material from which it is made must be such that it ensures fast movement of the players. The shoulder pads of a fullback must carry more weight than the pads of a quarterback or a defensive back, but it still must be lightweight so that the player can move quickly.

4. Pads for a Linesman

In the game of football, even a linesman requires a physical protection. The toughness of the game can sometimes even result in an injurious incident which might involve the linesman. Just like a player who reads best football gloves reviews and looks for the best knee compression sleeves, a linesman also needs a perfect shoulder pad for himself. For this, he needs an extremely tough shoulder pad which streamlines the sideward movement of their bodies. It must be so tough that it can stand out even the toughest of hits and collisions, yet it must be lightweight so that the linesman doesn’t fatigue himself because of extra weight.

Conclusion While one must remember the above factors which are position specific, a player should also take into consideration other factors such as their body size and the brand of the pad. They might not be as important as the positional requirements of a player, but they must not be ignored while choosing a football shoulder pad. And also keep in mind that while choosing any shoulder pad you should not think about other products of that particular sport like a ball, helmet, football shoes or gym shoes for men etc. happy sports buying.

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