Watch Live Cricket Match – Online Live Cricket Streaming


Watch Live Cricket Match – Online Live Cricket Streaming

Are you struggling to live stream to watch cricket and wish to know the live score now? Yes, there is no need to miss any moment. Are you wondering how can I watch live cricket match? There are many websites offering online live cricket and also score updates. Hotstar is the genuine website and is also the popular website offering live updates of the score. Do not get disappointed about not being in the stadium to watch the match, now use Hotstar and watch it anytime from anywhere.

How can I watch live cricket match
How can I watch live cricket match

Tips to How can I watch live cricket match free for online

Hotstar is a reliable source and using this website and app cost-free you can watch the live cricket match. Hotstar does not charge anything, but you must create a Hotstar account and set to live cricket watching. Here is a guide to watching live cricket on Hotstar.

First, download Hotstar app or visit the official website of Hotstar. Download the app, sign an account and open Hotstar app. Visit the sports section and click on subcategory cricket. Hotstar > Sports > Cricket. On opening, click to live to stream, but ensure you have good internet speed connectivity as Hotstar needs data in lots to watch live streaming. In fact, you can catch up with cricket match highlights in case you have missed it.

There are websites giving cricket score live updates. But, some update the score slowly, while some update immediately. Here, are few names of websites and the way you can get without delay the current live scores.


IPL offers updates every minute, though there is no link to watch live cricket. You can see video highlights and past games statistics.

ESPN gives live commentary and information on cricket ratings, series and scores. There will be top headlines and cricket news. You can get the football, NFL, Rugby and other on live streaming.

Star Sport is a website offering live cricket to watch and the user interface is amazing. Use smart search and look for the live match. It also provides streaming of badminton, table tennis kabaddi, athletics, and formulae 1.

International Cricket Council (ICC) has its website offering live scores. You can watch here the recap of matches, live cricket news, player ranking, and team rankings.

Yahoo offers cricket as live coverage and you get to know the live score on Yahoo website. There is plenty of information on cricket news on the cricket website of Yahoo with photos and the team information.

YouTube is a streaming reliable site allowing getting cricket match online. You can subscribe to receive instant updates of the live game. You can stream the cricket live matches in standard quality and also in ultra HD or HD quality.

KhanTV allows video streaming to get cricket matches live. Browse on recent matches. 

Mylivecricket is a website featuring live cricket matches. You must click on the button ‘Watch Now’ and steer away from annoying ads. This website allows streaming cricket from different channels such as SkySports, ESPN, Star Sports, and BeinSports

Neo is a website offering live coverage and there are two channels Neo Prime and Neo Sport, both covers in India live sports. Click on any preferred channel and search that you wish to stream as live cricket match and enjoy watching. 


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