ICC Champions Trophy

ICC Champions Trophy is one-day International (ODI) Cricket Tournament

ICC champions trophy is one-day international cricket tournament. Its short name is ODI (One Day International). It is hosted by the (International Cricket Council) ICC. The ICC champion trophy Second place in the Cricket World Cup. It was inaugurated as an ICC knockout tournament in 1998 And after every four years, it was held. The trophy name has been changed in the Champions Trophy in 2002. The Icc champion trophy was first held in Bangladesh and Kenya And collect funds for the development of the game. And it works as a standard generator for ICC due to huge commercial success. Later it was held in countries like India and England And the number of teams is reduced to four The tournament was later named as the Mini World Cup Because it includes all members of the ICC. Later it was planned as a knockout tournament So, that it can not hurt the image of the World Cup. It is now known as the World’s Second World Cup in the Cricket world.

ICC Champions Trophy
ICC Champions Trophy

The number of rival parties varies from year to year Originally the entire membership of the ICC participates in it. And associate members were involved from 2002 to 2004. In 2009, the tournament included the top eight teams in the ranking. After the Icc champion trophy is held in seven different countries, England has hosted it three times in the trophy. A total of 13 teams participated in a stage of the tournament, which was held in 2017 with eight competing competitions. The ICC Champions Trophy is the only final competition in every format of three formats, in line with ICC goals.

Until 2006 the ICC champion trophy was held every 2 years. The champion trophy was supposed to be held in 2008. But it was shifted to South Africa due to security. Since then the ICC champion trophy was held every four years. There are many differences between the Champions Trophy and the World Cup. The Champions Trophy matches are held in about one and a half weeks But the World Cup may last for a month, and the number of Champions Trophy teams is much less than the World Cup team. In the 2017 World Cup, there were eight teams in the ICC Champions Trophy.

South Africa won the inaugural tournament of the Champions Trophy. Australia and India both competed However, New Zealand, West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan have won once. Australia is the only country to win two consecutive titles that won in 2006 and 2009. Bangladesh, England and Zimbabwe Test players who have not yet won any Champions Trophy. England have faced twice in the final finals twice but lost twice

Bangladesh reached the semi-finals in 2017 but could not reach the final. Sri Lanka’s first and only host to win the 2002 tournament. England is the only host who can play the final twice in 2004 and 2013. The only host in Bangladesh who participated in their hosting time in 1998. Kenya 2000, India 2006 and South Africa 2009 champion Trophy hostels who were defeated in the first round.

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