ICC World Cup Winners List by All time winners

To know the ICC World cup winners List. One of the most popularly played games in the world is Cricket and is termed to be a gentleman’s game introduced by the West. The ICC Cricket World Cup can be termed to be an International Championship, associated with ODI (One Day International) Cricket. The ICC (International Cricket Council) is the governing body of this sport and organizes this mega event that welcomes participating teams from various eligible countries. The game is held with great fanfare every four years.

The tournament starts with the different countries lined up in different segments and each playing against one another to get numbers to reach the quarter, semi-final and the final tournament. According to reports, this tournament is regarded to be among the most viewed of all sporting events in the world. It is also regarded to be the international cricket calendar’s flagship event by the ICC.

2019 Cricket World Cup Winner- England, Runner-Up- New Zealand

ICC World Cup Winners List
Cricket World Cup Winners List

Some essential details

It was in June 1975 that the very first World Cup had been organized in England. Also, the first ODI match was played just four years earlier in 1971. But Cricket World Cup for women was held just 2 years prior to the initial men’s tournament. Even as before as 1912, there had been held matches involving numerous international teams! During this time, a triangular tournament associated with Test matches had been played between South Africa, England, and Australia. It was in England that the initial three World Cups had been held. However, from the year 1987 onwards, the hosting of this mega tournament was shared between the participating countries under the unofficial rotation system. Until now, the 14 ICC members are said to have hosted at least a single match.

All members affiliated to the ICC (International Cricket Council) could participate in the World Cup tournament with their respective teams. Automatic qualification, however, was offered to the highest ranking teams. The selection of the other teams in the tournament was determined through the ICC World Cup Qualifier and the World Cricket League. During the tournament’s previous 11 editions, twenty teams are said to have taken participation. But the next edition to be held the forthcoming year in 2019 is to have just ten teams. The tournament has been won by Australia for a record five teams and still remains at the very top of the ranking tables. India and West Indies share the second position with two wins each. Sri Lanka and Pakistan share one win each in the tournament. However, the best performance came from Kenya, a non-full member team that made to the 2003 tournament semi-finals.

The tournament is also regarded to be the third biggest sports event of the world, just behind FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics and ahead of Rugby World Cup. This is terms of crowd attendance and viewership.

The players who win the final match of the tournament are considered to be the cricket world cup winners. They are awarded the prestigious World Cup Trophy that is retained by them until the next tournament.

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