The National Football League (NFL) World’s Professional Sports League

The National Football League

The National Football League (NFL) World’s Professional Sports League

The National Football League (NFL) is the professional American football league. It consists of 32 football teams, and this National Football League is run by the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC). NFL is one of North America’s four major professional sports leagues and the universal American football level NFL in the world. National Football League 17 Weeks From the beginning of September to December, every team gets 16 playoffs and one bye weeks. At the end of the regular season, six teams in each of the four winners and two wild-card teams play in the preference of the playoffs, a single defeat tournament in the Super Bowl, usually held on the first Sunday of February, and the game takes place between the NFC and AFC champions. NFL was formed in 1920 under the American Professional Football Association (APFA) and later it was named in 1922 American football league NFL.

The National Football League
The National Football League- NFL

NFL agreed to join the American Football League (AFL) in 1966. The first super bowl is held at the end of the first season; The building was completed in 1970. Today’s NFL is one of the world’s professional sports league, with its highest average attendance of 67,591 and it is the most popular sports league in the United States.

The Super Bowl Bowling is one of the world’s largest club sports events and individual Super Bowl game accounts for the most watched television show in US history, all the NilSenen’s highest five-year list is the most viewed US. Since 2015, television broadcaster operates NFL’s Executive Officer is the commissioner, who has the broad authority in governing the league.

The team of most NFL championships is Green Bay Packers thirteen (nine NFL titles before Super Bowl era and four Super Bowl championships afterward); The team with the highest Super Bowl championship is Pittsburgh Steelers with six. The current NFL champion is Philadelphia Eagles, who defeated New England Patriot in the Super Bowl League, won three NFL titles during the Super Bowl era in their first Super Bowl championship.

The National Football League Teams

NFL has 32 clubs, each of which has 16 teams divided into two conferences. In each conference, four clubs are divided into four categories. In the regular season, maximum 53 players of each group are allowed to roast; Only 46 playable days can be active (playable).

Each NFL club is given a franchise, the League’s approval is for the team to work in its hometown. This franchise is ‘Home Terrorist’ (75 miles around the city limits, or, if 100 miles in the other league city, half distance between two cities) and ‘Home marketing area’ (home territory and the rest of the state operates the club, as well as the area for the camp period,  Manage his training camp). Every National Football League member has the exclusive right to the host professional football matches in his own home, area and at his home marketing areas. These rules have several exceptions, most closely related to each other in relation to the team: The San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Riders have exclusive rights in their city and share it right outside; And divide the rights to the city’s hometown and state home marketing zones in the same city (e.g., New York City and Los Angeles), or the same condition (eg California, Florida and Texas).

NFL has 32 clubs, each of which has 16 teams divided into two conferences. In each conference, four clubs are divided into four categories. In the regular season, maximum 53 players of each group are allowed to roast; Only 46 playable days can be active (playable).


Equipment Of Hockey

Hockey Stick

Gear Up For A Major Adrenaline Rush With Equipment Of Hockey

Equipment Of Hockey is the most important for players to play the hockey game. Ever wonder how do hockey players gear up? Hockey is one of those sports where the players take all the mental preparation to break a few bones and yet still they stand strong. What is it so intriguing about this sport that the players do not even bother about injuries? I swear if I were in their place, I would’ve been a cripple by now. Hockey is an approved sport around the world, I mean no wonder. It is where two teams play opposing each other trying to plot a ball into the opponent’s goal post using a hockey stick. There are two types; the ice hockey and the usual field hockey. Hockey is one of the many sports that receive a large number of an audience during matches.*Sighs* If only I ever had the guts to participate in such a sport as the beastly players. Let’s take a look at how these players gear themselves up. 

Equipment of Hockey: Field version

Field hockey is mainly famed in the United States. Let us walk you through the basic equipment you may need for some quick fun time.

Hockey Stickit is a stick composed of wood that has a head resembling a hook. The stick is around 30 to 40 inches depending on the player’s height. These sticks categorize into four types; short, midi, maxi, and J Hook. It is to maneuver the ball.

Hockey Stick
Hockey Stick

BallThis plastic ball is where game revolved around as it is the one responsible for scores of each team.

Hockey Ball
Hockey Ball

Shin GuardsThe shin guards are protective wear worn around the shins of each player because you do not want to be a cripple before 30.

Mouth GuardsWorn inside the mouth to protect yourself from losing your teeth, made of a rubbery material for firm protection around the gums and teeth.

Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards

HelmetIt is a regular helmet caged around the face to protect head and face from injuries.

Hockey Helmet
Hockey Helmet

ShoesThis is a particular type of shoe designed for hockey is named cleats. These help to run freely with maximum comfort and minimum chances of tumbling over.

Jazba Mens Rattler Hockey Shoes
Jazba Mens Rattler Hockey Shoes

Chest protectorThe purpose of the chest protector is to protect the ribs. The players wear it inside their uniform.

Chest protector

PadsThe players wear the knee pads around the knees and limbs for protection around essential joints and bones.

Goalie’s equipmentThe goalie has another specific set of equipment to defend the ball from getting plotted inside the goal post. The goalie puts on large hand gloves to prevent the ball from entering the goal post. The goalie also has a different type of stick to hit the ball.

Equipment of Hockey: Ice Version

Wanna know how ice hockey beasts pull of this ravenous game under unbearable temperatures?
The ice hockey is the national sports of Canada The concept of ice hockey is similar to that of a

field and mainly includes all the equipment that is necessary for field hockey; except there are some additional instruments since ice hockey is played on an ice bed and requires extra skill.  The equipment is also constructed out of a different material than field hockey.

Ice SkatesIce skates are a type of footwear used to move on solid ice. But this isn’t a game where you can glide and twirl freely. It is in fact just the opposite.

Ice Skates
Ice Skates

Shoulder and arm padThese mainly shield the upper body because during tumbles and falls. During ice hockey the body comes in rapid contact with solid ice, making it more dangerous than field hockey. Usually made from shock absorbing foam and wrapped in plastic.

Shoulder pad
Shoulder pad

Elbow padsthese guards the arms and elbows from fractures.

Elbow pads
Elbow pads

Goaltender’s equipmentThe goaltender of ice hockey requires more protective layers of clothing due to extremely low temperatures and larger possibilities of injuries. Imagine standing still in that chilly temperature. Gotta cover yourself, right?
They wear an additional set of leg pads to protect their legs and to block the pucks. Their pants include extra layers as well. The goaltenders must have a blocker, on one hand, to block the pucks and rebound them on ice. On the other hand, the must put on a trapper which is made of thick leather. The trapper blocks the puck during quick shots. Nerve-wracking isn’t it? I guess the stress of the goalkeeper heats their body automatically.

Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro GFM 100 Goalie Mask
Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro GFM 100 Goalie Mask


Whether you want to thoroughly understand hockey during matches or want to join a game of hockey with a bunch of friends, it isn’t it funny that you familiarize yourself with the equipment of hockey. There is so much to know but so little courage to play.

2019 Cricket World Cup Team, Group, Schedule, Venues, Fixtures

2019 Cricket World Cup

2019 Cricket World Cup Team, Group, Schedule, Venues, Fixtures

The 2019 cricket world cup. It is the 12th cricket tournament of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. And it will be organized in England and Wales. The 2019 World Cup will start from May 30 to July 14. The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup was to be held in England and Wales But after the withdrawal, Australia and New Zealand hosted the game. This is the fifth time to host the World Cup Earlier, the World Cup was organized in 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999.

The format of this tournament is to create a group with ten teams. Where each team has the opportunity to play with nine other teams And those who are the top four among the ten teams will get the opportunity to play in the semifinals. Due to the lack of competition partner teams, these 10 teams have been criticized in the tournament

Who will be available in the 2019 Cricket World Cup

England at the top of the points table, South Africa at two places, Number three in India, Australia at 4, New Zealand at number 5, Pakistan at number 6, Bangladesh at number 7, Sri Lanka at number 8, Afghanistan at 9 and West Indies at number 10

2019 Cricket World Cup
2019 Cricket World Cup

2019 world cup venue

The venues of the 2019 Cricket World Cup were released on April 26, 2018. The International Cricket Council publishes this venue with a meeting in Kolkata.

Fixtures – Schedule of 2019 cricket world cup

30-May-19England vs South AfricaThe Oval, LondonDay
31-May-19Pakistan vs West IndiesCardiff Wales Stadium, CardiffDay
01-June-19New Zealand vs Sri LankaCardiff Wales stadiumDay
01-June-19Afghanistan vs AustraliaCounty Ground Bristol, BristolDay-Night
02-June-19South Africa vs BangladeshThe Oval, LondonDay
03-June-19England vs PakistanTrent Bridge, NottinghamDay
04-June-19Afghanistan vs Sri LankaCardiff Wales Stadium, CardiffDay
05-June-19South Africa vs IndiaHampshire Bowl, SouthamptonDay
05-June-19Bangladesh vs New ZealandThe Oval, LondonDay-Night
06-June-19Australia vs West IndiesTrent Bridge, NottinghamDay
07-June-19Pakistan vs Sri LankaCounty Ground Bristol, BristolDay
07-June-19Pakistan vs Sri LankaCounty Ground Bristol, BristolDay
08-June-19England vs BangladeshCardiff Wales Stadium, CardiffDay
08-June-19Afghanistan vs New ZealandCounty Ground, TauntonDay-Night
09-June-19India vs AustraliaThe Oval, LondonDay
10-June-19South Africa vs West IndiesHampshire Bowl, SouthamptonDay
11-June-19Bangladesh vs Sri LankaCounty Ground Bristol, BristolDay
12-June-19Australia vs PakistanCounty Ground, TauntonDay
13-June-19India vs New ZealandTrent Bridge, NottinghamDay
14-June-19England vs West IndiesHampshire Bowl, SouthamptonDay
15-June-19Sri Lanka vs AustraliaThe Oval, LondonDay
15-June-19South Africa vs AfghanistanCardiff Wales Stadium, CardiffDay-Night
16-June-19India vs PakistanOld Trafford, ManchesterDay
17-June-19West Indies vs BangladeshCounty Ground, TauntonDay
18-June-19England vs AfghanistanOld Trafford, ManchesterDay
19-June-19New Zealand vs South AfricaEdgbaston, BirminghamDay
20-June-19Australia vs BangladeshTrent Bridge, NottinghamDay
21-June-19England vs Sri LankaHeadingley, LeedsDay
22-June-19India vs AfghanistanHampshire Bowl, SouthamptonDay
22-June-19West Indies vs New ZealandOld Trafford, ManchesterDay-Night
23-June-19Pakistan vs South AfricaLord’s, LondonDay
24-June-19Bangladesh vs AfghanistanHampshire Bowl, SouthamptonDay
25-June-19England vs AustraliaLord’s, LondonDay
26-June-19New Zealand vs PakistanEdgbaston, BirminghamDay
27-June-19West Indies vs IndiaOld Trafford, ManchesterDay
28-June-19Sri Lanka vs South AfricaThe Riverside, Chester-le-StreetDay
29-June-19Pakistan vs AfghanistanHeadingley, LeedsDay
29-June-19New Zealand vs AustraliaLord’s, LondonDay-Night
30-June-19England vs IndiaEdgbaston, BirminghamDay
01-July-19Sri Lanka vs West IndiesThe Riverside, Chester-le-StreetDay
02-July-19Bangladesh vs IndiaEdgbaston, BirminghamDay
03-July-19England vs New ZealandThe Riverside, Chester-le-StreetDay
04-July-19Afghanistan vs West IndiesHeadingley, LeedsDay
05-July-19Pakistan vs BangladeshLord’s, LondonDay-Night
06-July-19Sri Lanka vs IndiaHeadingley, LeedsDay
06-July-19Australia vs South AfricaOld Trafford, ManchesterDay-Night
09-July-19First semifinal Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 4Old Trafford, ManchesterDay
11-July-19Second Semi-Final Qualifier 2 vs Qualifier 3Edgbaston, BirminghamDay
14-July-19FinalLord’s, LondonDay



ICC Champions Trophy

ICC Champions Trophy

ICC Champions Trophy is one-day International (ODI) Cricket Tournament

ICC champions trophy is one-day international cricket tournament. Its short name is ODI (One Day International). It is hosted by the (International Cricket Council) ICC. The ICC champion trophy Second place in the Cricket World Cup. It was inaugurated as an ICC knockout tournament in 1998 And after every four years, it was held. The trophy name has been changed in the Champions Trophy in 2002. The Icc champion trophy was first held in Bangladesh and Kenya And collect funds for the development of the game. And it works as a standard generator for ICC due to huge commercial success. Later it was held in countries like India and England And the number of teams is reduced to four The tournament was later named as the Mini World Cup Because it includes all members of the ICC. Later it was planned as a knockout tournament So, that it can not hurt the image of the World Cup. It is now known as the World’s Second World Cup in the Cricket world.

ICC Champions Trophy
ICC Champions Trophy

The number of rival parties varies from year to year Originally the entire membership of the ICC participates in it. And associate members were involved from 2002 to 2004. In 2009, the tournament included the top eight teams in the ranking. After the Icc champion trophy is held in seven different countries, England has hosted it three times in the trophy. A total of 13 teams participated in a stage of the tournament, which was held in 2017 with eight competing competitions. The ICC Champions Trophy is the only final competition in every format of three formats, in line with ICC goals.

Until 2006 the ICC champion trophy was held every 2 years. The champion trophy was supposed to be held in 2008. But it was shifted to South Africa due to security. Since then the ICC champion trophy was held every four years. There are many differences between the Champions Trophy and the World Cup. The Champions Trophy matches are held in about one and a half weeks But the World Cup may last for a month, and the number of Champions Trophy teams is much less than the World Cup team. In the 2017 World Cup, there were eight teams in the ICC Champions Trophy.

South Africa won the inaugural tournament of the Champions Trophy. Australia and India both competed However, New Zealand, West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan have won once. Australia is the only country to win two consecutive titles that won in 2006 and 2009. Bangladesh, England and Zimbabwe Test players who have not yet won any Champions Trophy. England have faced twice in the final finals twice but lost twice

Bangladesh reached the semi-finals in 2017 but could not reach the final. Sri Lanka’s first and only host to win the 2002 tournament. England is the only host who can play the final twice in 2004 and 2013. The only host in Bangladesh who participated in their hosting time in 1998. Kenya 2000, India 2006 and South Africa 2009 champion Trophy hostels who were defeated in the first round.

Cleveland Browns are The NFL Football Team

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns are The NFL Football Team

Whether you are into sports or not, football is a cult classic that people follow due to hype regardless of interest. When we speak of the American pop culture, undoubtedly one of the first aspects that strike our mind is the NFL, National Football League. Any person who is not even into sports will tag along with their mates inside a gastropub during Super Bowl season. Or some may even enjoy a get together with a group of friends while munching on a scrumptious bowl of saucy chicken wings. This sport has impacted the lives of generations of Americans. The Sunday evening of Super Bowls has become a crucial part of American culture as Football is one of their prominent sports. In the era of American football culture is a team worth mentioning, The Cleveland Browns! A lot of you may have heard about their loyal fan base across the United States. This football team based in Cleveland, Ohio has been playing as a professional sports team for 66 seasons in the National Football League.

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns

How Do You Recognize The Cleveland Browns?

You may ask, how do I spot the browns? What is distinct about their outfit? The Cleveland Browns can be distinguished due to their orange helmets with no logo! They have emphasized that their logo is the logoless helmets. Original, isn’t it? Even though their helmet has gone through significant changes throughout the years, the orange remains a signature remark. Their jerseys are a shade of dark brown which is mainly identified as the ‘seal brown’. Their sleeves have a striped pattern of orange and white. The pants are the same shade of brown with stripped sequence from knees and under

How The Cleveland Browns Rose To Prominence?

The official home of the Cleveland Browns is the FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio, established in 1999. The Browns have overall won four NFL championships. One of them being in the first season they entered NFL and others during 1954, 1955, and 1964. Overall, the Cleveland Browns have eight championships, four in the All-American Football Conference and the rest in the NFL.

Even though they have achieved great success in the past, in the recent years they have reportedly underperformed. The FirstEnergy Stadium commonly referred to as the “Factory of Sadness” by comedian Mike Polk. A team that was once an American favorite is now very little talked about. The past two years has been the worst record for Cleveland Browns.

Brown’s Remarkable Fan Base

Even though the Cleveland Browns have been going through their roughest time and has not seen much the light of success after the 1980s, they sure have a fan base worth talking about. Out of all the football teams, Cleveland Browns have the most loyal fan base according to statistics. Even during their harsh times when they had records of losing, the fans could not resist filling up the seats during their games. Whether they win or lose, they surely attract their fans to not miss attendance!
During the game, you can spot the hardcore fans of Cleveland Browns at the Dawg Pound

The section at their home stadium. There are organizations of Browns fans and one of the prime ones is the Browns Backers. Some celebrity fans include Elvis Presley, The Miz, Hank Aaron, and Machine Gun Kelly.

Rivalries And Noteworthy Players

Cleveland Browns did face a lot of challenge while facing against its rivals. There were wins and there were loses. But some players left a soft corner among their fans even to this day. Some of the rivals of the Browns are Pittsburg Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, and Buffalo Bills. In the past, the Browns have had some noteworthy players who have impacted the American Football. Jim Brown, Bernie Kosar, Low Groza, Bobby Mitchell are some of them just to name a few.

To some Americans, the Cleveland Browns may have become a forgotten team who is no longer in the limelight but to their fans, they are still champions. A bad recent record does not overshadow their significance in the history of American Football. The Americans will always cherish football and enjoy this cultural staple regardless of which team wins.