How to Put Your Golf Bag on a Push Cart

How to Put Your Golf Bag on a Push Cart | Effective Resources :

Put Your Golf Bag on a Push Cart
Put Your Golf Bag on a Push Cart

A push cart is a three-wheeled device that carries your golf bag as you push it around. These carts are the new trend in the golf world today and have taken it by storm. From research conducted, over 45 % of Americans enjoy golfing and participate in the game. Many of the world golf champions hail from the states. Some golfers used to hire caddies to carry their golf bags around but the push cart is a remarkable product that serves them well if not better. I have researched five easy steps to help you put your golf bag on a golf push cart.

Step 1

The golf cart has two handles at the top of the device. The handles are made from a hard material that ensures it doesn’t break easily. This is also important since the handles keep the bag in place and ensure it does not fall off. They have a hinge to allow them to move in an open and close movement to hold the golf bag in place or to unclasp it from the cart.

Unclasp the handles of the cart to open it as wide as it goes. This allows you to easily unfold the push cart. It also provides space for you to place the bag. Lift the golf bag and place it at the base of the cart. Clasping the handles back again to close them holds the bag in place.

Step 2

The amazing golf cart has a mechanism known as the slide to close. You do not want to have a cart that gives you a hard time when operating it. Ease of use has been made sure to be in good form with this cart by enabling this mechanism. It allows you to open or close the cart without any hitch or problem.

When unfolding the cart to place the bag on it, always make sure that the long side of the cart is not near but away from you. This is to allow you to have ample space and ease of use while unfolding the cart. This space is important since it reduces chances of hurting yourself if the cart is too near to your body.

Step 3

The wheels on this cart are designed to ensure ease of use and maximum efficiency. Worry no more about having a flat tire as you push the cart since the wheels are airless. This also saves you time since you do not have to stop and fill the wheels with pressure or check their pressure every once in a while. They have a strong frame to ensure durability and firmness. For easy turning anywhere, the front wheels swivel with ease for convenience.

Golf courses are all about perfect clean cut grass and anything less than this doesn’t meet the expected standards. The wheels are also well designed to ensure that they do not damage the grass. They have a non-slip make feature which keeps the cart safe and the user as you push it along. They roll on the grass with much ease and give you an easy time using the cart.

Have the cart in a steady place. Place your leg on the front wheel. Hold the front handle and then push out the two back wheels at the same time. As you do this, you will hear a click sound from the wheels. The lever which is in the middle part of the cart needs to be locked after this. There is a button at the front wheel. Push it then pull it up. When you are done, lock the carts lever.

Step 4

After the first three steps, the push cart is supposed to be definitely unfolded. Before putting your golf bag on the cart, you should always make sure that it is empty. This is because an empty bag is easier to load on the cart and also reduces chances of injuring yourself as you load a full bag on the cart.

An empty bag is also important since it reduces the amount of energy that could be used mounting a loaded golf bag on the cart. Ensure the bag is properly secured by strapping the bag. Use the bottom and the top straps to strap it in place. The straps are easy to adjust anytime and they are designed to adjust to the size of the bag. With the straps on, you can run across the course with the cart and the bags will still remain in place.

Step 5

After making sure that the bag has been properly positioned, clasped in using the handles and perfectly strapped using the straps, then you can now load the bag with your golf equipment. You can put the equipment in any order that you like or feel most comfortable. Since the bag is already strapped in, packing the tools will not be an issue.

When you are done the packing, just push the cart using the handles and head to the station or position that you want. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Other Considerations

While having a cart makes it easy for you to carry your golf bag around without any problem or difficulty, you need to consider safety. For the aged, it is recommended that you don’t fill the bag with too many golf equipment. If they are going to push the cart on their own, then the weight should be checked. This helps avoid straining their backs or using too much energy to push the cart.

Also, make sure that the bag is well strapped on the cart to reduce any chances of an accident to the user or causing damage to the golf equipment should the bag happen to fall. Be sure to replace any parts that may break on the cart. The cart has replaceable parts and having it in perfect form provides you with an amazing ease of use and durability.

Final Words

Placing a golf bag on a golf cart is easy, safe and convenient. You will not even spend a lot of time while doing it. Carrying your bag around can be quite tedious and no fun at all. Follow these easy five steps and have fun pushing your cart. 


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