The Best Elite 1 Lobster Tennis Ball Machine Review and Experience Guide

The Best Elite 1 Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

When your focus is on having a fun and improving your tennis game with a new modern tennis ball machine, the elite one lobster tennis ball machine is a perfect choice! For many tennis games, there is nothing better one can do for their game than to get into the repetition of hitting ball after ball after ball. Suppose, you take a basket of the ball out to work on your server, you may be unbeatable at the club. But lobster did for groundstrokes.

One question might be confusing with wonder why we select just this several one among many others option. Well, we hope this review of elite one will help you to get your answer why your choice is to be lobster. So, take some time to read the writing and decide it is a good choice or not.

Sports Elite 1 Portable Lobster Tennis Ball Machine (21x14x 20- Inch)


Elite one lobster sports tennis ball machine is currently the best and popular one on market which is available at the tennis information store. It has got the number of good reviews and makes itself able to take that position. Before detailing, let’s have a look at the key features of this tennis ball machine.

Key features at a glance:

  • Affordable battery-operated machine
  • Full corner-to-corner random oscillation
  • Up to 60 degrees lobs to overheads practice
  • A speed of up to 80 miles per hour
  • Excellent long-lasting durability
  • Top and backspin
  • Ensured court time battery
The Best Elite 1 Lobster Tennis Ball Machine
The Best Elite 1 Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

Design and Size:

It is a known fact to all that every product has its different design, color, and size and this one comes in nice design with almost perfect in size. With ergonomic designed, the size dimension of this machine mention in details is 21”x14”x20” (Inch).


On the other hand, the weight of the lobster machine is almost 42 pounds and bearing capacity allow for weight nearly up to 42Ibs. Also, this weight is too easy for everyday use in case of its well-sized wheel and sticky handle, which helps to lug the machine.


Oscillations one of the good techniques. In the court, if you play by your both forehands and backhands, it would bring a good score in your collection. This elite one has advanced features as full corner-to-corner random oscillation that helps you work on your forehands and backhands.


Sometimes it needs to face the overheads ball in the court. Lobster provides up to 60 degrees lobs to practice your overheads, that is not available on any other tennis ball machine. The full corner-to-corner sweep will challenge a wide range of players from advanced to beginners alike.

Speed and Spin

Speedy balls can grow the rate of performance, with the pressureless ball. This machine has speeds of up to 80 miles per hour that improve your reaction to time. It has heavy top and back spin that perfect the players ability to return whatever comes their way with 60 degrees electronic elevation.

Hopper and Feed rate

The lobster machine is different because it contains many numbers of the ball in its hopper. This hopper has the capacity to hold the 150 ball at a time. And it is good to fill up the hopper within a very short time. This elite 1 lobster gives this opportunity to feed rate of the ball into hopper within only 2-10 second (max).

Power and Battery

It has an affordable orientation of 4 to 8-hour battery includes the basic battery charger, that helps to ensure the plenty of court time between recharges. The charger juices up the battery inside so that you can play in the court without an outlet plugged in a problem.


The lobster machine even comes with two over-sized wheels, that maintain the balance with the weight so one can easily carry it out during transportation. And, it also has a long handle, that helps to push the wheels to move easily.


You invest in a thing for long time purpose and you must want long lasting durability.The high-quality material uses it, made extremely durable and long lasting and supportive for good play.


Moreover, lobster has some extra available accessories than the above mentioning. such as; 2-function wireless remote control, 1-amp fast charger, 3-amp premium fast charger storage cover external battery pack. These are not merely found in other tennis ball machine.

Nothings are over the criticism. So, there is no way that every product is perfect and it is also applicable to this one. Let’s have a look at some pros and cons.


  • Excellent battery life.
  • Reliable
  • Technical sound
  • Robust machine
  • Easy to lift into a vehicle
  • Develop strokes.
  • Replaceable battery


  • Heavy to transport
  • Flimsy handle
  • Controls are sensitive

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about lobster sports tennis ball machine

1. Reader question: What is the difference between lobster and liberty?

Answer: The main differences between the Elite 1 and Elite Liberty are; elite 1 has electronic elevation adjustment,18-amp battery, a top ball speed of 80 mph while the elite liberty has a top ball speed of 70 mph

2. Reader question: Can it be plugged into an outlet?
Answer: The lobster machine comes with a charger to juice up the battery inside so that you can play on the court without the need for an outlet.

3. Reader question: Can I replace the new battery?
Answer: A new battery can be replaced by the user in just 5-10 minutes by using a Philips-head screwdriver. Most users will be experienced 3-4 years life-span who provides you recharge the internal battery on a regular basis.

4. Reader question: Does it approved tennis balls include the red felt balls ten and under? What about the orange and green dot balls?

Answer: Orange-dot and green-dot balls are fine to use in any lobster sports tennis ball machine. The red is over-sized balls that will not fit into the holes of the machine properly and therefore can cause the balls to jam.

5. Reader question: Can I purchase a remote control for the elite one?

Answer: Yes, you can, it is sold as a separate accessory item.

Final words:

In the marketplace, there are many tennis ball machines like as lobster. So, before getting or for choosing any long-lasting product, you need to know the actual feature included in it and with that basis, you can find your expected one. Though virtually every manufacturer has some advantage and disadvantage which can confuse your choice. More or less, we do try our best to enhance you to get every important aspect of the best lobster tennis ball machine. And hopefully, you will be facilitated by it and enjoy the best ever game on the tennis court by this elite one.

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