Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey is a different type of game which plays in the water. Underwater sport is similar to hockey. The game usually played swimming pool, where players push a puck along the bottom. Underwater Hockey (UWH) is called Octopush (in the UK). The player plays in a swimming pool into the opposing teams and goal with the hockey stick. It originated in England in 1954

Underwater Hockey
Underwater Hockey

Two teams and up to ten players compete, with six players in each of the team. The game has consisted of two halves, usually ten to fifteen minutes each half.

Equipment use Underwater Hockey

Players wear a diving mask, snorkel and fins
Swimwear, Mask, diving mask, swim goggles, Snorkel, Fins, Stick, Puck, Caps, Glove, Goal or ‘gulleys

Similar Sports

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